Drumul spre autosustenabilitate.

Ce inseamna autosustenabil? Inseamna sa poti sa-ti asiguri toate nevoile intr-un mod ce se poate propaga la infinit. Practic, sistemul ce te inconjoara nu consuma mai multa energie decat produce. Drumul pana acolo e lung si anevoios si incepe cu tine. Cu o schimbare de mentalitate. Din aceasta cauza, eu sprijin si incurajez:

- casele pasive, constructiile ecologice, caminele verzi;

- comunitatile locale;

- permacultura, agricultura bio si organica;

- mesterii populari si artizanii;

-organismele nemodificate genetic;

- reciclarea;

A nu se intelege ca eu sunt expert in drumul catre un viitor mai frumos si mai sigur. Imi doresc doar ca aceasta pagina sa fie locul de intalnire al tutror celor ce gandesc in termeni sustenabili. De aceea va invit pe forum, sa invatam unii de la altii, si in masura posibilitatilor sa ne si ajutam :) .

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One Response to Drumul spre autosustenabilitate.

  1. Honeylen says:

    I have spent the summer with 3 Warre hives and 3 Langstroth hives. I have lost 4 frmeas of brood and 2 frmeas of honey in the Warre hives, due to the flimsy nature of top bars only. I have ripped comb due to ladder comb. Plus, the bees just start building in another direction. I personally don’t like the Warre hive design. I think the 8 frame medium Langstroths are the best hive made. Light when full and full frmeas to secure the comb are all you need. Warre doesn’t provide that.I built full frmeas for one of my Warre hives. It has no problems like the top bar only hives. The thing is, it is quite an undertaking to build full frmeas. The tools and shop experiance alone leaves out many people. Not to mention the time involved. Plus, some of the cuts are on small parts and quite risky for a novice.I just lifted a box off one of my Warres and two frmeas of brood fell out the bottom in the dirt. I am quite pissed right now and I don’t think my opinion will change soon .ever. I will let them over winter in the Warres but next spring they are going into Langs. Think I can sell 3 used Warre hives? Full frmeas in one, Partial frmeas in the other two and fresh, clean comb already drawn out. The comb that ain’t broken that is.

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